Become a member and you will have the opportunity to acquire or expand scientific, legal and technical knowledge on the subject of embalming through a variety of contacts with the same interests among the members. We also offer you the possibility of a certified examination by the EAE.

In addition, active Association members will be listed on our website with detailed contact information, in order to be more present for other members and interested parties.

Membership types

There are two types of membership: the Association member with full voting rights and the individual member without this right.

Fees for

Individual members

  • 70.00 EUR: yearly membership subscription fee, payable from the 1st January of each year
  • 30.00 EUR: additional registration fee, payable only in the first year

Association/Full Members

Full Membership inquiries should be directed to the secretary.

How to become a member

Association/Full members

It was agreed that each association should be a Full Member with full voting rights; there was also a provision for individual embalmers (Individual Membership) who wished to support the new organisation but this was without voting rights.

An Association was defined as having a minimum qualified membership of ten members; smaller organisations were to be admitted as Individual Members. Where there was more than one Full Member from an individual State or Country, special rules were formulated to ensure that all other States or Countries held equal voting powers.

Organisations seeking membership are required to submit a formal application that will be reviewed by the Full Members. If acceptable the applicant is invited to make a presentation on the work and educational standards of their organisation. New applicants are required to agree that their future members should pass the E&IEBMS examination, or an agreed equivalent, as the accepted educational standard for membership of their own organisation. In France, where there is a State qualification, it was agreed that this be considered an equivalent to the E&IEBMS qualification.

Individual members

An application form for Individual Membership can be obtained from the secretary at:

Members' meetings

General Assemblies are held in one of the member countries, if possible on an annual basis. At each meeting, the EAE endeavours to provide an educational session on embalming practice for the benefit of non-members and members alike, and where possible will promote and assist in the promotion of this practice. Since its formation, there has been a significant growth in qualified operators in Germany. Progress has been made in some cantons of Switzerland where holders of the British Institute of Embalmers’ qualification are permitted to embalm, where previously only medical Doctors were allowed to carry out this work.