The European Association of Embalmers, also EAE, is an organisation that is open to all professional embalmers across Europe and even beyond.

Our goal is the exchange of knowledge about our country-specific embalming rules and experiences, the accreditation of education of new embalmers, and thus the European wide recognition of embalmers qualifications.


Become a member and you will have the opportunity to acquire or expand scientific, legal and technical knowledge on the subject of embalming through a variety of contacts with the same interests among the members. We also offer you the possibility of a certified examination by the EAE.

In addition, active Association members will be listed on our website with detailed contact information, in order to be more present for other members and interested parties.


The European Association of Embalmers consists of X members from the different countries of the European Union and even beyond. All of them certified Embalmers who are ready to help you with advice and support.

Find a member near you for mutual knowledge exchange or if you need support for repatriations of deceased from abroad, contact a member in the respective country directly.