The European Association of Embalmers, also EAE, is an organisation that is open to all professional embalmers across Europe and even beyond.

Our goal is the exchange of knowledge about our country-specific embalming rules and experiences, the accreditation of education of new embalmers, and thus the European wide recognition of embalmers qualifications.

The EAE actively promotes the acceptance of embalming and where possible offers guidance regarding the training of embalmers for residents of countries where such facilities do not exist.

With increasing legislation by individual countries within the EU that affects the practice of embalming, there is a need for a representative body to protect the interests of all embalmers and to have a voice in any proposed legislation that may well be considered by the European parliament at a future date. To further this aim, during 2002 the EAE became Associate Members of the European Federation of Funeral Services (EFFS), and are the recognised authority on embalming matters within that organisation.


The European Association of Embalmers (EAE) set out a series of principles by which to promote the acceptance of embalming by specialist operators throughout Europe: these form an introduction to the Rules & Regulations. Those principles were set out as follows.

The objects for which the EAE is established are:

  • To support the status, character, and interests of persons professing or practising the art or science of embalming the dead.
  • To achieve a uniform standard of education and embalming qualification in European countries.
  • To promote the efficient tuition of persons seeking to practice the art or science of embalming.
  • To consider all question affecting the interests of persons engaged in embalming, sanitation and disposal of the bodies of the dead, and to initiate and watch over, and if thought desirable, to petition Parliament or promote deputations in relation to any public measures affecting the matters aforesaid, and to promote improvements in the principles and administration of the law relating to the treatment and disposal of the dead.
  • To establish and support, and to aid in the establishment and support of any other associations formed for all or any of the objects of the association.

The EAE has a definition of embalming that is approved by all members:

Embalming consists of an intra arterial injection of a certain preservative chemical, drainage of blood from the venous system, aspiration of the cavities, for the temporary preservation necessary for viewing and/or shipping.


Towards the end of 1993 a group of embalming organisations in Europe held a series of discussions regarding a uniform standard of embalming education and practical competence. Four organisations were involved, College des Embaumeurs de France, Union Professionelle des Embaumeurs Diplomes (Belgium), Verbander Deutscher Thanatologen (Germany), and The British Institute of Embalmers. The four organisations met in Gatwick, England on the 22nd January 1994 to form the European Association of Embalmers.

The British Institute of Embalmers was the acknowledged leader of practical embalming in Europe, with members from around the world including Divisions in Belgium, Australasia, and the USA. Applicants for membership are required to pass a Theory and Practical Examination that is arranged and controlled by an independent examinations body, the National Examinations Board of Embalmers (NEBE): there was also degree of reciprocity with examinations set by other authorities outside of the UK. Because of the proposed European nature of the organisation, it was necessary to form another examinations body that catered for the differing legal systems and social practices in each member state or country; this was the European & International Examinations Board in Mortuary Sciences (E&IEBMS). The E&IEBMS is an independent organisation in its own right.

Rules & Regulations

The rules and regulations are available via the secretary. Please send an email if you wish to recieve the current rules and regulations.

The EAE is an official registered association with the German County Court.